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Reverse mortgage is a goverment-insured loan program that allows homeowner age 62 and older to maintain their financial freedom.

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Common reverse mortgage misconceptions

Your lender takes the title to your home

Title on a reverse mortgage is no different than any other mortgage you’re ever had – only the homeowners are on the title. When the house is sold or becomes vacant, the loan must be re-paid, but the title is never negotiable.

You need good credit for a reverse mortgage

A reverse mortgage is primarily based on your home’s equity and the borrower’s age. While credit may be a factor, Income is not.

Reverse mortgage borrowers owe more than their home is worth

All of our reverse mortgages are “non-recourse” loans which means that the borrower can never owe more than the value of the home regardless of loan balance.

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Free Personal Analysis

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The mortgage insurance is going up to mandatory fee of 2.00% Upfront and 0.50% Per Annual. You can still get the previous fees and also be able to get more funds as long as you get started by October 2, 2017!

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